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Did you Know these facts ???

Did you Know these facts ???

1.Most of the Chinese Medical Universities have raised the eligibility criteria of the International students for MBBS course. They require atleast 70% marks in Physics , Chemistry and Biology now !!
2.Certain Chinese Universities require their students to pass the Chinese Proficiency Test to be eligible to do Internship in China. The exam is called HSK ( Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi ) and has Reading, Writing, Listening and Oral sessions !!! Pretty comparable to IELTS exam !!

3.Passing marks for each subject in China is 60% !!!
4.The students get the privilege of two long holidays in a year; during January and July ; both lasting for about 40 days !!!

5.Ragging is illegal in China as well !!!

6.Sites like Google , Youtube , Facebook is blocked in China !!!! You need a proxy (VPN) to access them.
7.Certain cities in China allow foreign students to us electric bikes , and no license is required !!!

8.Foreign students holding a student visa are not allowed for part-time jobs in China !!!

9.The rates quoted for total package in China by several agents is cheaper than Ceeco as they still calculate the US dollar conversion rates effective 2 or 3 years back !!! 10.Important to know, most of the Universities dont give an “NOC” (No Objection Certificate) for doing internship in your home country. In such case, you need to make full tuition fees payment for Internship year as well !!!