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Best Medical Universities in China

Our Motto is “Quality Higher Education At Affordable Costs” – surf through our website and find the course of your interest in Best Medical Universities abroad at Affordable cost. Ceeco is a platform for students to apply for Medical courses at various Universities abroad. The main focus is into the higher education opportunities in China, where the cost of education is affordable, without any compromise in International standards. Students can go through all relevant details pertaining to their admission into Medical Universities in China and download brochures and application materials in our website.
There are so many reasons to study MBBS in China. Currently, a huge number of students have already been enrolled to various Medical Universities in China through Ceeco International Consultancy. Students are enrolled from almost all states in India. We also enrolled a good number of Sri Lankan students to Universities recognised by SLMC. We offer admission at best medical universities in china, offering MBBS for students from India, UAE etc. How to apply for a best college in china is a big problem for students!! We are here to help you to get admission in top medical universities in China through a very transparent process.


We have included details about Government Medical Universities in China which offer a 6 Year MBBS programme in English Medium. There are a good number of International students studying in all these Medial Universities in China since 2004. Ceeco is directly authorized to some famous Universities like GUANGXI MEDICAL UNIVERSITY since 2013.


Ceeco offers excellent scholarship opportunities for pursuing MD/MS in various disciples in Government Medical Universities in China. Tuition fees for entire course duration is waived off for scholarship students. The students are also eligible for monthly stipends as per various scholarship categories. Currently we offer CSC scholarships, Provincial scholarships and One Belt One Road Scholarships.


The Chinese Government Universities offers Engineering programmes in English medium. The high demand disciples like Petroleum Engineering, High speed rail engineering etc are offered in top Universities in China.


Ceeco offers short term and long term Chinese language courses in various Universities in China. Several scholarship programmes also available for long term Chinese language courses with assured placement opportunities.


Ceeco is an authorized franchisee of ARISE MEDICAL ACADEMY, Hyderabad for providing MCI screening Test coaching classes & USMLE training. We also conduct MCI COACHING Programmes at Medical Universities abroad. Ceeco-Arise Medical classes are successfully conducted regularly at Guangxi Medical University since 2016.

We offer long term and crash courses for FMGE coaching at our centre for graduates from various countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Philippines etc. We have an excellent faculty base and provide state of art facilities for students preparing for USMLE and FMGE.


Ceeco is the first authorized test centre for conducting HSK, HSKK, BCT and YCT tests in Kerala. We are also providing Basic Chinese classes and Business Chinese classes at our centre, The students who enroll for MBBS are given free one month of language training at our centre as well.


Our Consultancy office has two divisions :
1. Medical Admissions Team focusing on Medical Admissions in reputed Universities in China, Philippines and Russia. The same team also deals with the Engineering Admissions in China.

2. Management Admissions Team focusing on MBA & Hotel Management admissions in Singapore and Malaysia.





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I came to China through Ceeco International Consultancy. I got every help from them. Ceeco was helping me like I felt I am getting help from my family member (my brother). Love their service…and honesty.

Qumail Hussain, Guangxi Medical University 2015 batch, Jammu & Kashmir, India


Ceeco International Consultancy is providing best services to students joining abroad. I appreciate it.

Chandraveer Singh Rathore, Guangxi Medical University 2015 batch, Rajasthan, India.


What I felt about Ceeco is better than all other agencies. Because the facilities they provide to their students is better than all of them. And they help us in any sort of situation, where we need our family to help us, they acted a role as a part of our family and help us and sort out our problem. I am thankful to be a part of Ceeco family.

Amanpreet Singh, Guangxi Medical University 2015 batch, Punjab, India


Came to China via Ceeco International Consultancy. I was very happy. They helped and guided me in all aspects before and after coming to China and was there to help after many days also.

Pankhuri Kumar, Guangxi Medical University 2015 batch, Haryana , India.


The best university in China may be GXMU with all facilities and Ceeco International Consultancy is the best consultancy which take complete responsibility of students. I thank Ceeco for caring us like their own children. Ceeco is the best choice for those who are planning to study abroad.

Nufail. C, Guangxi Medical University 2015 batch, Malappuram, Kerala , India


I came here through Ceeco International Consultancy, Kannur. I am very glad and proud to say that they are the best educational consultancy I have ever met. The service they are providing is excellent to its core and I use this opportunity to thank them. More over the care and help they are giving to each students of our university are appreciable. According to me it is the right choice I have done. Parents can undoubtedly send their children to the hands of Ceeco and will never be regretted. I wish Ceeco all the very best in the coming years. Thank you very much for the service you provided till now.

Archa Bhaskaran, Guangxi Medical University 2015 batch, Kannur, Kerala, India


Better future, better world, better way i.e Ceeco International Consultancy & Training Center, Kerala.

Alen Jose, Guangxi Medical University 2015 batch, Kozhikode, Kerala , India


Like my parents in India, Ceeco is my parents here in China……any help….anything…. sure Ceeco will be there.

Vishak Satheesh Kumar, Guangxi Medical University 2015 batch, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India


Now I am a medical student of Guangxi Medical University, Nanning, Guangxi, China. I am proud to say I came here through Ceeco International Consultancy because they did a great service ; from the start to end. I like to thank their kind and great service. As a Sri Lankan, I think, I had been served as a special student because I am the first Sri Lankan student to enroll through Ceeco. And I think Ceeco consultancy service is one of the best consultancy services in the world... and I wish you all the best.. Thank you very very much..”

Dunith Priyamal liyanagamage, Guangxi Medical University 2013 batch,Sri Lanka


Ceeco International Consultancy has played a great role in deciding my future. I heard and came to know about many agencies but Ceeco is the best. They are very sincere in their duty. They kept all their words that they gave us. They were very caring throughout our journey.”

Snigda, Guangxi Medical University 2013 batch, Kannur, Kerala, India


Ceeco International Consultancy , they helped all of us a lot. Still they keep in touch and give advices”

Megha Nelson, Guangxi Medical University 2013 Batch,Kannur, Kerala, India.


“I am studying MBBS at Guangxi Medical University, China. There are many stories and rumors spreading about MBBS in China ; but from my experience I am saying that many best Medical Universities in the World is situated in China & for choosing a good University, you need a good consultant/consultancy. My choice was Ceeco International Consultancy and now I feel that it was one of my best decision”

Muhammed Riyas, Guangxi Medical University 2013 Batch, Malappuram, Kerala, India.


I am coming from Sri Lanka. I am studying in this wonderful Guangxi Medical University. CEECO brought us here. This is a wonderful University. We found this through CEECO. Here, the climate is same like Sri Lanka. Thanks to CEECO.

Sri Praveen, Guangxi Medical University 2016 batch, Sri Lanka


The class rooms are good. Its having hi-tech facilities. Smart class rooms are available for every subject. The hostel is too good. I just feel like home. I am so glad that I am a part of Guangxi Medical University and would like to thank especially CEECO..

Shaswathan P, Guangxi Medical University 2016 batch, Sri Lanka


Firstly, I thought its hard to learn Chinese , but now I get to know its too easy. The University is very good and the facilities which we get here are really unexpected.. I thank CEECO for making my admission done in this University..

Muhammed Rizwan, Guangxi Medical University 2016 batch, Kerala, India


I can conclude everything in one sentence, that I am really satisfied with the University and CEECO. I am so lucky..

Rajan Rao, Guangxi Medical University 2016 batch, Uttar Pradesh, India


First time, I felt like I am far away from home. It was just like home sickness.. But later on wards , I got friends. My brother is too with me (Rajan Rao) and the surrounding makes me feel like home again. I am so happy now. I hope my 6 years will be most memorable life I ever had. Thanks to CEECO and parents for giving me such an opportunity.

Ranjana Rao, Guangxi Medical University 2016 batch, Uttar Pradesh, India


" I am not Chinese" was the first thing I said when I arrived in Nanning and maybe its the most common sentence I have used since now. I can't imagine a better college than Guangxi Medical University and I wouldn't be here if it was not CEECO. CEECO ,thank you for helping me to set a foundation to build my dream..

Lalchhanhimi Sailo, Guangxi Medical University 2016 batch, Mizoram, India


I am not good at words so I really don't know what to write. I never thought I would be here if it wasn't you guys (CEECO). I really wanna thank you guys for helping me persuade my dream.. That's all I can write. Love you CEECO..

Lalmalsawmi C , Guangxi Medical University 2016 batch, Mizoram, India


Guangxi Medical University is one of the oldest medical university in China which gives us best platform to encourage ourselves , interact with other nationalities and to know more about Chinese culture.. CEECO , in fact helped us a lot. They even provided us a get- together back in Kerala to know more about batchmates , seniors, country and the University. We didn't experience any sort of difficulties after reaching here . CEECO accompanied us for doing major tasks that has to be done, once after reaching China which most of the agencies rejected. I am thankful to be a part of CEECO.

Avani Pradeep, Guangxi Medical University 2016 batch, Kerala, India


Guangxi Medical University has the largest hospital in Nanning Province and I am too happy to be a part of this always..

Mehak, Guangxi Medical University 2016 batch, Chandigarh, India


The day when I came to Guangxi Medical University, I had mixed emotions and I thought I wouldn't acclimatize to this huge country and this university and my desires was feeble during the initial days but it got stabilized by CEECO international consultancy. My worries, anxiety got quenched by CEECO Intl, they were with us in our hard times and I am so glad to be a part of CEECO family. Now I am in GXMU, I am ready to get my white coat and stethoscope to heel and empathize beyond sympathy to those who deserve.

Rochana G.C, Guangxi Medical University 2018 Batch, Karnataka, India


Studying at GXMU is a great experience. The facilities, dormitory and the campus is amazing. Nanning is a beautiful city. CEECO has been a great support for me. I have never travelled alone but CEECO helped me at every step, from boarding the flight from Kochi to settling down in China. The complain that I heard about China was unavailability of Indian Food but CEECO has solved it by opening the Indian Canteen (GXMU Halal Canteen).

Eeshan Choudhary, Guangxi Medical University 2018 Batch, Chandigarh, India


I am a first year student and I am doing fine with my life in Gxmu ,the accommodation, studies and life in general is alright and compatible to a medical student. Life in Nanning is just fine and enjoyable the weather is bearable for anyone. It’s all over a three stars.

Norbu Jigmi Barfungpa, Guangxi Medical University 2018 Batch, Sikkim, India


Life in China is different from that in India. The weather is pretty much similar to India. Studying in GXMU is very good experience. The university is very good in infrastructure and in academics The body that helps Indian students in all the ins and outs here is CEECO International Consultancy. CEECO continuously works to make the living of Indian students comfortable in China.

Henil Patil, Guangxi Medical University 2018 Batch, Gujarat, India


Travelling from India to Nanning was a great experience for me. My arrival was a surprise to people here since I was the first one among our batch mates to appear. Later on staff at CEECO International Consultancy assisted me to get all the necessary things done such as registration, admission, opening a bank account, getting insurance and so on. Now I am well-adjusted with all and we all are very happy to get good dorm facilities and very good Indian food.

Revanasiddhu, Guangxi Medical University 2018 Batch, Karnataka, India


My experience in GXMU and with CEECO is more than my expectations. Firstly thank you to CEECO for helping me to get admission in GXMU. University is really great, provides high standard facilities in every sections. I think that it's a privilege to get us here through CEECO because the agents are with students only till they reach university, after that there were no one to contact for other helps. But CEECO is with us every time for our needs.

Niranjana VK, Guangxi Medical University 2018 Batch, Kerala, India


• As a toddler I still remember the long walks to the primary health center holding my father's hand which even lacked basic amenities and medications. Inspirations sprouted in me from there where the doctors and junior residents appeared in behalf of public as heroic personalities. My desires got quenched by CEECO international consultancy which values and concerns the dilemma of every medical aspirant. The complications of the admission procedure was all handled effectively and I was literally getting help from all the angles. It's been a month ever since I got here and as fortune beckoned it’s just as I wanted in a med school .I owe all my thanks to CEECO consultancy.

Yaaseen Bin Malick, Guangxi Medical University 2018 Batch, Kerala, India


Guangxi medical University is a wonderful place to be if you’re a medical student. The place itself says a lot, besides that the college campus is very spacious and has a lot of facilities. Ceeco has been persistent in helping the students with all the registration and formalities. Moreover the senior students also played an important role in accompanying us to various destinations and showing us around this new place. The cuisine here is excellent and with the opening of the canteen, food is no longer a problem. So in short, Guangxi Medical University is an excellent place to complete your MBBS.

Joseph Joby Konikara, Guangxi Medical University 2018 Batch, Kerala, India




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