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MBBS at Guangxi Medical University

5 Years + 1 year Internship Beginner

Guangxi Medical University was founded in 1934 in the beautiful city of Nanning. GMU is one of the oldest higher education medical institutions in China. Since 1934 the University has been enrolling good number of international students for their higher study.

From several decades, China is focusing extensively on its education system. It has become an education hub for international students. Chinese medical universities have developed splendid facilities and infrastructure for student community.  The burgeoning Chinese economy itself indicates towards strong educational reforms adopted by government. If you are planning to enroll your name in Medical courses like MBBS at a Chinese University, then avail the service of professional consultants. CEECO is one such consultation service that has helped numerous Indian students to study MBBS in China.
Budget is an important concern especially if aspiring student is planning to study in foreign university. It is a dream to study MBBS in China for Indian students but high tuition fees often act as an impeding factor. CEECO is not mere a consultant, we aim to assist students in their goal of imbibing high quality education. In most of the Asian countries education is very expensive. China has emerged as a suitable option; here international students have access to quality facilities.
Chinese Government has taken important initiatives to uplift their teaching standards as per international level. CEECO assists student community to get their name enrolled in prestigious Chinese universities like Guangxi Medical University, Guilin Medical University, University of South China, China Medical University, etc. The dream to study MBBS in China for Indian students has been fulfilled by CEECO.
Our service is purely devoted to ensure betterment of student community. The goal of studying MBBS in China for Indian students can be fulfilled if a dependable consultant is present to help. Just take a glimpse of options available on our website. We will not only direct you towards promising future but also assist on every step.  Extensive support is provided from our side, we assist and support students during their entire journey. A warm welcome, dynamic Chinese culture and dazzling future is waiting for you. Feel free to contact us if you are really interested to become part of effective Chinese medical education program.